How to Fold a Shirt Up Into a Tank Top

Go from long to sleeveless with a quick roll and fold.

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Whether the day got hotter than expected or you want to refashion an old shirt into something fresh and new, folding a shirt up into a tank top is a snap. The great thing about folding your sleeves up is that you're not cutting or sewing the material, so you can go switch back to the original shirt without a hitch. Free those shoulders with an easy, breezy sleeve roll and give that shirt some serious summery style.


Lay the shirt out flat in front of you. If it has long sleeves with buttons on the cuffs, unbutton them.


Set the iron to high heat.


Fold the sleeve up and over about 1 inch and use your fingers to smooth around the edges for a crisp, clean fold.


Press the first fold with your iron to lock it in. Since you're not sewing, steaming helps to hold the style in place.


Fold the sleeve over again, using the first fold as a guide for thickness. Press the fold with the iron.


Continue folding and pressing until you've rolled the entire sleeve up. Repeat on the other side until you have a hot little sleeveless number in front of you.


Pin the sleeves to prevent them from falling down. This step isn't necessary, since pressing will hold the fabric but, for extra stability, add a safety pin in a discrete location (like the armpit area) to keep your sleeves up.


Strut your stuff in your DIY tank!

Things You'll Need



2.Safety pins (optional)


Tips & Tricks


For a more permanent transformation, cut the sleeves off where they meet the body of the shirt.


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