How to Flexi Rod My Hair

Flexi rods create small, spiral curls.

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If you want beautiful, long-lasting, springy, spiral curls, you have to wrap it up like Medusa. Sure, you could curl every last strand of your hair with a curling iron, but who has time for that? Hot rollers are too big; the curl will just fall right out. You need those snake-like heated rollers. The curl you get from them will more than make up for the 15 minutes you spend looking like the evil snake woman. Just don't look at yourself too long in the mirror!


Plug in your flexi rods -- leave the lid on so they can heat up. Wait 10 minutes or so for the rods to heat. While you're waiting, flip your locks upside down and blast them with several long spritzes from a bottle of thermal styling spray. Spray it on good, running your fingers through your tresses to distribute the product.


Roll your hair up on the flexi rods. Situate the rods so your hair will part by lining them up on either side of your part, or use zig-zagged partings for no part. Place each rod using small, 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch sections. Comb each section straight out from the scalp. Place a rod under the ends of the section and tuck the ends around the rod. Roll the hair along the rod in a spiral fashion -- just like the lines on a candy cane -- until the rod rests against the scalp.


Fasten the rods one of two ways, depending on the type of rod you have. If your rods have blunt or rounded edges, just bend the ends over to hold it in place. If they have a hole in one end, slip the hole over the opposite end of the rod, creating a circle.


Spray your hair with medium-hold spray with the rods still in. Wait for the rods to cool completely. It could take 15 minutes or so. Use this time to get your face on, get dressed or relax with a nice cup of coffee.


Remove the rods and run your fingers through your hair to style. Spray with medium-hold finishing spray.

Things You'll Need



3.Thermal styling spray

2.Flexi rods

4.Medium-hold hairspray


Tips & Tricks


Take smaller sections for more curl. Less hair on a roller means smaller, tighter curls. Not enough rods in your set? Don't limit yourself to one set of rollers -- most don't have enough anyway. Buy two or three sets so you can use as many rods as you like.

Don't take those rods down prematurely. Let them cool all the way, even if it means hanging around the house for a few extra minutes. If you take them down too soon, your curl could fall out halfway through the evening. Drooping curl? Not you!


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