How to Do Flat-Twists in the Front of the Hair & an Instant Weave

Flat-twists are a great protective hairstyle.

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When you’re looking for a quick and easy hairstyle “instant” is always a nice word. Instant weaves are pre-packaged half wigs that attach to 3/4 of your head to provide you with a full coverage hairstyle. However, you have to tame the front of your hair because the wig doesn’t go that far up. Adding flat twists to the front of your head is a great protective style that doesn’t require a lot of daily maintenance other than a little oil sheen every now and again.


Start out with a clean head of hair. Make a horizontal part approximately 3 ½ inches from your hairline. Clamp all the hair behind that part up to prevent it from getting mixed in with hair designated for your twists.


Make a ½ to inch wide vertical part from the hair left out in the front starting near your right ear. Clamp all the hair to the left of the part out of the way.


From the section of hair that you have parted, grab a small section of hair near your hairline. Split that section into two pieces.


Twist the two pieces of hair backwards. As you’re working your way back, grab a small amount of hair from the section to incorporate into the twist, in the same manner that you would if you were making a cornrow.


Once you’ve reach the end of the section that you’ve parted, grab a rubber band and wrap it around the hair close to the scalp. Fan out the remaining hair left from the twist, as this hair will be used to cover the seam on your instant weave. Continue the previous steps to flat twist the remainder of the front of your head.


Unclamp the section of hair below your twists after you've twisted your entire head. Part that area into three sections and braid each section in a cornrow. This will protect your hair while it’s housed under your instant weave.


Grab your instant weave. Locate the clips at the nape of the wig. Insert the clips underneath your cornrows at the nape of your neck. Tuck the loose ends of your cornrows inside the wig.


Locate the combs at the top of the wig and insert them into the top of your cornrow braids until the wig is secured in place.


Grab a brush and brush the hair left out of your flat twist over the seam of your instant wig. Use a comb, some styling spray or gel and blend your hair with the weave to complete the look.

Things You'll Need


1.Rat-tail comb

3.20 rubber bands

2.Hair clamps

4.Styling products


Tips & Tricks


Cover your twists every night with a satin or silk scarf to prevent them from looking old quickly.


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