How to Flat Twist Permed Hair

Twist your curly hair into flat twists for a fun and flirty style.

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When you hear the word "twist" you may want to do a little dance, but twisted hairstyles are a lot of fun, too. Similar in appearance to cornrows, flat twists are easier to do than cornrows, so they're ideal for beginners. Twists are quick and easy to do, and even permed hair can be styled with a twisted 'do. Although there are a few different variations of the twist style, the flat twist is often preferred, particularly on curly locks.


Brush your hair lightly to get rid of any part in your hair. Don't worry about smoothing or straightening your hair, which, as permafied ladies know, is pretty much next to impossible anyway.


Take a 1-inch section of hair from the hairline area to create the first twist. It's easiest to make the first twist centered on the top of your head; this makes it simpler as you add in more twists. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way if you want, as curly locks can seem to spray everywhere and may end up in your way.


Separate the section of hair into two equal pieces, and begin twisting the two pieces around each other, starting at the roots. You can twist clockwise or counterclockwise -- direction isn't a big issue here. But twist as tightly as you can -- just don't hurt yourself! -- to ensure the twist stays in place. Twist down the section of hair, adding bits of hair from the sides of the section to keep the width of the section the same as you make your way down the length of your hair.


Once you have twisted down the length of the section and are left with only an inch or two of loose hair, braid this hair or leave it loose and then secure the ends with a hair tie or a couple of bobby pins. Voila! you have completed a single twist. Now you just have to repeat this around the rest of your head in even sections. Do one twist on the left of the first section, then one on the right. Continue alternating between sides to ensure you have equal sized twists and an even amount of them per side. Get twisting!

Things You'll Need



2.Hair tie or bobby pins


Tips & Tricks


To create silky flat twists, add in a few hair extensions while creating the twists, incorporating them with your own hair for the most natural look.

Don't brush your hair out when you want to get rid of your twists to wash hair or put it in another style. This can cause serious damage to your tresses. Instead, unwrap each twist separately and wash and condition it first before brushing.


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