How to Fix Porous Hair Ends

Hair ends are more porous because they are the oldest hair on your head.

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If you have some nasty ends that have been through the ringer, you need to give those dry ends some serious TLC. Porous hair feels rough or brittle to the touch, absorbs and expels hair color quickly, or feels spongy when wet. Thankfully, there are products out there designed to help quench those thirsty ends and lower their porosity to a more normal level.


Weekly deep-conditioning treatments can do wonders for your parched and porous ends. Dry hair is a result of a lack of moisture and nutrients, so give your hair what it's craving by slathering your hair with a good-quality deep conditioner and wrapping your hair in a plastic shower cap. Let that sit on your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the conditioner.


Add a porosity equalizer or protein filler to your hair. This product instantly fills dry and porous hair with proteins and nutrients and evens out your hair's porosity. This is especially important if you're about to perm or color your hair, because those ends will suck up the perm solution or color faster and you'll end up with nasty results.


Trim those ends right off. Yeah, it's drastic (and permanent!), but sometimes you need desperate measures when dealing with seriously porous and wrecked hair. Even 1/2 inch off can make a difference. A 1/4-inch trim once every month is a great regimen because you'll slowly ditch those porous ends, but still keep 1/4 inch of new growth (hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month).

Things You'll Need


1.Deep conditioner

3.Porosity equalizer

2.Shower cap


Tips & Tricks


When coloring hair with porous ends, always apply the hair color to the ends last. This way the less porous roots and mid-shaft area can get a head start at sucking up that color.

Excessive use of heated styling tools and full-head colors can take their toll and make your ends more porous as time goes by.


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