How to Fix a Peeling Graphic Tee

Repair your favorite souvenir tees.

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If you've run in a charity marathon, gone to a concert or overindulged in your favorite cereal, you've probably got a graphic tee to commemorate the event. It's almost impossible to avoid having a drawer full of colorful T-shirts with logos on the front, and some of them may be your favorite go-to weekend shirts. After dozens of rounds in the laundry, some graphic tees begin to lose their pictures on the front. There are a number of ways to fix this, depending on the type of graphic design you have on your clothing. Fix these tees and keep your fun fashion around for another day.

Sew It

If your graphic tee has an appliqued design on the front, the stitching might come loose. This will cause the applique fabric to pull away from the shirt and eventually fall off. Repair this type of T-shirt by sewing around the applique fabrics with a satin stitch. Use your sewing machine for a quick job or do it by hand if you don't have access to a machine.

Web It

Iron the design back on to your T-shirt using fusible web. This thin, flexible fabric melts into a permanent adhesive when ironed between two layers of fabric. Place the fusible web between the shirt and the graphic material and press with an iron according to the package directions.

Iron It

Some T-shirt graphics are made of one giant applique that's glued onto the front of the shirt. When these graphics begin peeling away, the glue often remains on the back of the design. Lay the shirt on an ironing board and cover it with a pressing cloth or thin towel. Iron the shirt through the towel to re-melt the glue and stick the graphic back on your shirt.

Glue It

If your shirt is just beginning to get ragged and the design is mostly intact, use fabric glue to repair the small parts of the design that are coming loose. This glue can become too much of a sticky mess for large-scale repairs, but for small jobs it's often the perfect solution to a peeling graphic problem.

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