How to Fix Orange Hair Color

Zap the orange from bleached hair with toner.

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You didn't intend to do it, but that DIY dye turned your hair a funky orange, and now you don't want to leave the house. You can wait for it to grow out, but that'll take forever. Put a hat on your carrot top and head to the store, cause this is one hair color mistake that can be treated at home. When you try to bleach dark hair or dye hair red, ending up with unwanted orange tones happens sometimes. But you don't have to live with it!

Fixing Orange Hair


Choose a demi-permanent hair color that's golden blond. These subtle yellow tones will tame the orange and let red hues shine though, giving you a color and confidence boost all in one.


Mix the demi-permanent dye following the instructions on your dye kit. Apply the dye using an applicator brush or squeeze bottle, and totally coat your locks. Set a timer, so you 'll know when to ditch the dye.


Rinse out the blond demi-permanent dye, until your hair rinses clean. Follow up with shampoo for color treated hair and super moisturizing conditioner. The demi-permanent dye will fade out slowly, bit it'll fix the orange haze in the meantime.

Toning Orange from Bleached Hair


Choose a light or medium blond toner that will bring out the blond hues and strip away that bleached orange. Before you tone, read over the instructions on your toner kit so you know how long to dye for.


Mix the toner and developer following the instructions on your kit. Apply the toner to your hair using an applicator brush or a squeeze bottle. Focus first on the most orange-hued areas, cause these need extra love to get light. If parts of your hair are blonder, hold off on toning them just yet. Hit them up last, since they're halfway there.


Leave the toner on for the recommended wait time -- typically 30 to 45 minutes, according to "Style Hair." If you hair's only a bit orange, you can test the hue by rinsing off the dye from a few strands and checking the color. If you want to rinse off before the time is up, go ahead, as long as you'll be satisfied with the color.


Hop in the shower and rinse your locks thoroughly. Treat your hair to a gentle shampoo and rich conditioner after, to begin restoring some moisture to those stressed tresses!

Things You'll Need


1.Demi-permanent hair dye kit

3.Hair toner kit

5.Moisturizing conditioner

2.Applicator brush or squeeze bottle

4.Gentle shampoo


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