How to Fix a Matted Hair Weave


You’re at your mirror and are ready to style your hair when you notice a small lump/bump in your hair where your weave is tangled and matted. Matting is a common problem for weaves as hair grows out. It not only keeps your hair from looking smooth, it’s also tough to eliminate. Don’t ignore the matting -- fix it before it gets worse.


Since your weave hair isn’t attached firmly to your scalp, it doesn’t get the same natural hair-softening oils as the rest of your hair. Apply a deep conditioner or detangling treatment, even to the matted area. These treatments can condition the weave hair and give it some “slip” so detangling the matted area can be made easier. To prevent future matting, treat your weave hair just as you would your own to keep all of your hair smooth and tangle-free.


Now that your hair is softer and easier to detangle, it’s time to look at the area of matting itself. Try to section the areas of hair that aren’t affected by the matting and clip them away from the matted area. You may need a friend to hold a mirror for you or assist you if the matted portion is in the back of your head. Gently run your fingers over the area that is matted, trying to loosen as many hairs involved in the matted area as possible. This will take some time and patience. Continue applying detangling spray and using a fine-tooth comb for accuracy in pulling hairs free. The more you are able to loosen from the weave, the smaller the matted section will be.

Talk to Your Stylist

If matted areas of your weave won’t come out despite your best efforts, go see your stylist, who can remove the matted areas. Leaving in a weave where matting occurs increases the likelihood your scalp and hair follicles will experience damage. This can increase the risk you will have hair loss related to matting and damage. If you have to wait a few days to see your stylist, continue taking steps to maintain the condition of your hair, which can minimize what your stylist has to do to remove the damaged portions.


Matted weaves often occur because you’ve slept with your hair wet or damp or are just a rough sleeper, particularly if the matted area is on the side you tend to sleep on. To prevent matting, consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase, which is less likely to create friction when your head rubs against your hair. You also can wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night for a similar effect.

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