How to Fix Too-Light Hair Dye

Act fast to fix too-light dye.

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Undesirable hair color happens more often than you'd expect, whether you're a salon devotee or a budget-conscious babe who prefers to DIY dye. Hair dye ends up too light if left in too long or if it removes all the pigments in your mane. To fix too-light hair dye, you've got to know the color wheel or find someone who does -- and fast! Time is totally critical to getting the hair darker and keeping you happy with your locks.


Call your stylist, if you had the dye job professionally done. If you did the job yourself, find the hair dye kit and call the company's 1-800 number. The sooner after the dye, the better: You have up to 72 hours after a dye job to alter the color before it really seals into the cuticle. Talk to the stylist or the company about fixing your hair color. If possible, have the stylist correct the color in-house.


Pick up a product that will neutralize the too-light hues. For hair that's too blond, a blue or violet shampoo or dye takes the brightness down a couple tones, as does toning the mane with those colors. Color correctors also remove the unwanted color and go on much like a dye. You can dye over the hair with permanent or semi-permanent color, but first you need to deposit those missing pigments that cause it to appear too light. Apply the color-corrective product following the manufacturer's instructions.


Evaluate your hair color after you take corrective action with a shampoo or toner to re-balance your locks. This may be enough to darken hair. If not, choose a semi-permanent or permanent dye in the color you want your mane to be. After color-correcting the light spots, your hair can now take the desired color.


Mix the semi-permanent or permanent hair dye by adding the dye to the developer and mixing them. Apply the dye to your locks using an applicator bottle or an applicator brush. Test the dye every five to 10 minutes to see how the color looks. When you're satisfied with the hue, or when the dye time is up, then rinse out the dye in the shower. Rinse until the water runs clear to transform your locks.

Things You'll Need


1.Color-correcting shampoo or toner

3.Applicator bottle

2.Semi-permanent or permanent hair dye

4.Applicator brush


Tips & Tricks


If you dyed your mane yourself and something went wrong, color-correcting is best left to a professional. If you can afford to see a stylist, do so. If you fix the color with a semi-permanent dye, it will fade out over time. Reapply when needed for full coverage.


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