How to Fix Holes in Pantyhose

Torn pantyhose can ruin the entire look of an outfit.

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Pantyhose are the perfect way to dress up any leg-bearing outfit. From fishnets to stockings, this ultra feminine accessory is a quick and easy way to spice up your ensemble. Any woman who has ever worn a pair of pantyhose can understand the tragedy of a simple tear. A run in your stockings can be uncomfortable and embarrassing; often happening at the most inconvenient times, like when you're at an event or just running out the door. Before you go buy a new pack of pantyhose, consider some do-it-yourself remedies for the dreaded stocking snag.


If you're planning on rocking stockings, prepare ahead for any possible wear and tear concerns. Keep a bottle of clear nail polish handy whenever you decide to pair an outfit with pantyhose. Fast-drying formulas will only work to your advantage.


Once you spot the tear, don't panic. Try to steer clear of the run to prevent it from spreading and getting worse. Remove the pantyhose immediately and carefully to avoid making the rip bigger.


Locate the snag and place one hand inside the stocking to ensure the nail polish doesn't bleed through the fabric. Pull the area tight when applying polish to mimic what the fabric looks like once it's stretched out onto your skin.


Coat the tear with a considerable amount of polish until the entire area (including the edges) is covered with lacquer. Apply the nail polish in one direction to minimize its appearance.


Let nail polish set for at least one minute to ensure that it's completely dry. Be careful when putting stockings back on, to avoid another snag in the fabric. Nail polish will not make up for what's missing in the fabric, but it definitely will help keep the tear from ripping any further.

Things You'll Need


1.Clear nail polish


Tips & Tricks


Hairspray is a great alternative to nail polish. Most formal events provide hairspray in the women's washroom, making it perfect for those pesky mid-party rips. Hairspray helps stiffen the fibers in pantyhose fabrics, temporarily fixing your problem. Spray the torn area with a hefty amount of hairspray to achieve similar results to a clear coat of polish.

Treat torn stockings as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse.


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