How to Fix Dry & Over-Processed Hair

Frequent salon trips can wreak havoc on your hair.

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Coloring. Perming. Relaxing. Chemical-based treatments give your hair a lush finish that's so sexy. But these chemical treatments also have a dark side: they dry out the hair shaft. When you repeatedly process hair, the damaging results are magnified: think split ends, broken strands and zero shine. And it's not easy to rock a sexy coif when there is visible damage. But over time, you can reverse the effects too many trips to the salon.


Step away from the salon. Coloring, perming and relaxing wreak havoc on your locks, and allowing more time to pass between salon visits will help your hair heal. You don't have to give up these treatments altogether, but give your hair a chill pill by booking your salon appointments at least 10 weeks apart. Easing up on color -- actually, all chemical-based treatments, like perms and relaxers -- will really help improve your hair's health.


Go for a trim -- or if your mane is really damaged, a full-blown cut. Lopping off split ends will transform your strands, making your hair look instantly healthier. If you have broken hair of varying lengths, ask your stylist to craft a chic, layered cut. She can slice out the damaged sections without removing too much length -- and you'll be rocking a sexy new 'do to boot. And get ready to shine: cutting out the dead parts of your hair also makes it look shinier, because it removes the dullness from your mane.


Ditch heated styling tools! Appliances like flat irons, curling irons and hairdryers have been proven to damage hair. These powerful machines heat the hair shaft down to the core, the innermost layer of the hair shaft. The stress from the heat weakens the hair strand, and it eventually breaks off, leaving you will dull, damaged locks. Use them as infrequently as possible. And if you must heat up, spritz on a thermal protecting spray before a hot appliance gets anywhere near your tresses.


Make deep conditioner your new BFF. If hair is dry and damaged, it only makes sense that flooding it with moisture will help strengthen it again. Slather on a superhydrating conditioner every time you lather up. For more intense moisture, use a deep conditioning mask on damp hair twice a week. Wrap your hair up in a warm towel, and let the conditioner soak in for 15 minutes, or as long as you like. Then rinse it with cool water. Your hair will become stronger and look healthier over time.

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1.Deep conditioner

2.Hydrating hair mask


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