How to Fix Chapped Knuckles

Moisturize those knuckles to keep them soft and smooth.

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It's the dead of winter and your knuckles are looking chapped, dry and far from cute. Not only are they parched, they're painful, too, as the cracks break open and start to bleed. Chapped knuckles can be the result of skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema but they are often commonly caused by dry skin. Head to your doctor to rule out any serious conditions, then fight the chap with moisturizing treatments.


Fill a bowl with warm water and toss in the powdered milk. Milk has super softening agents that will help to dissolve the dead skin on your knuckles while soothing those sore fingers.


Mix up the milk and water, then soak your hands for up to 20 minutes.


Towel dry your hands.


Massage petroleum jelly into your knuckles. Don't skimp on the jelly. Your knuckles should be thickly coated.


Put your jelly-coated hands into the plastic bags. The bags will contain your body heat, causing the jelly to melt and absorb into your chapped knuckles.


Let your hands soak in the jelly for 15 minutes. Remove the bags and rub any remaining petroleum jelly into your skin.


Repeat the milk soak and petroleum jelly treatment daily until your knuckles are better. They should be soft and supple after a few days.

Things You'll Need


1.1/4 cup powdered milk

3.Plastic bags

2.Petroleum jelly


Tips & Tricks


Wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes or doing household chores to protect your hands from drying out.


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