How to Fix Broken Fingernails

Fix broken fingernails easily.

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Broken fingernails are not only unpleasing to the eye, but they hurt. They can cause you to become self conscious about anyone seeing your hands and force you to trim the rest of your nails down so that they match the other ones. But before you grab your nail file, you may be able to fix a broken fingernail. Fixing a broken nail doesn’t require many products, but it’s best to fix the nail as soon as possible to avoid excessive breakage.


Start out by removing any polish from your broken nails. Also clean your hands thoroughly. Grab your nail glue and put a drop on the seam above the tear.


Use a toothpick to hold the broken nail piece in place. Wait for the glue to dry. If the tear was small, you should be fine with stopping at this step. However, if the tip of your nail was completely broken off and you've reattached it back to your nail, move to the next step.


Cut the tip of a tea bag and empty out the product. Cut enough of the netting from the tea bag to cover the entire nail.


Dab a small amount of nail glue over your entire nail. Use a pair of tweezers to place the thin netting from the tea bag over your entire nail. The netting helps to blanket the entire nail, which helps to prevent the nail from breaking again.


Wait for the glue to dry completely. Grab your nail buffer and buff down the netting around the entire nail. Continue buffing the nail until you can barely see the netting any longer.


Apply a thin coat of clear polish over the entire nail to seal everything together. Wait for the polish to dry, and then apply your nail color.

Things You'll Need


1.Nail glue



7.Clear nail polish


4.Tea bag

6.Nail buffer


Tips & Tricks


Cuticle and orange sticks work just as well as toothpicks.

Cover your nails while washing the dishes or gardening to help prevent breakage.


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