How to Finish Dreadlock Ends

Blunt ends give your dreadlocks a neat, pulled-together look.

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Finished dreadlock ends hold the shape and texture of the lock all the way down your hair, whereas unfinished ends look loose and wispy. Some hair tends to dread up naturally cause of its texture, but straight or wavy hair needs some encouragement. The tip-rubbing technique creates blunt ends on your dreads, which class up a dreadhead, giving you a put-together look. It takes a few hours to finish dread ends, but you'll love the look and feel of your hair once it's done, girl.


Take one dread in your hands and examine its end. Chances are if you want to finish your dread, the ends are wispy and look more like hair than a dread. They totally detract from a sleek, professional look.


Pick apart the end with your fingers, breaking off the loose hairs. This is gonna get a bit painful, but it's the path to finished ends. If you're tough enough to sit through setting the dreads, you can handle this. Pull apart the loose ends to try to incorporate the stubble into your dread.


Rub a bit of dread wax on your palm, just enough to bind your hair.


Take the dread you just worked and place the end in your palm. Rub the end in circles in your palm. Pretend you have a pen that's dried out and want the ink to start flowing again; your dread is the pen and your palm is the paper. Work the hair in circles to blunt up the end of your dread. The wax'll help hold it.


Fix up the rest of your dread ends in the same manner, to have blunt ends and even dreads all the way down.


Plug in your hair dryer and hit up those dreads with a touch of heat. The hair dryer's heat will melt the dread wax a bit, which gives it a better hold in loose hair and new dreads, which is what you've got at the tips.

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1.Dreadlock wax



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