How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit

Having fun and beiing confident in your new suit is more important than looking like a runway model.

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When the glowing rays and hot temps of another summer lurk around the corner, you may dread stepping into your swimsuit. Maybe you've slacked a little at the gym, or you've gotten comfortable with your boyfriend's habit of snuggling up on the couch for ice cream and movie nights. Don't hang your head in shame; study yourself, learn what you want in a suit, and rock that suit with confidence.


Evaluate your body's strengths and weaknesses before hitting the pool. If you love your cleavage but hate your hips, look for a suit that boosts your bust and minimizes those hips. Love the junk in your trunk but despise your muffin top? Hunt down a suit with a form-fitting bottom and a flowing top to cover your flab.


Change your eating habits to boost your confidence. That piece of chocolate cake you ate at lunch may have tasted sublime, but you'll spend the rest of the day worrying about whether it's going to hit your butt or your thighs first. Indulging in healthy foods not only shaves off pounds, it also boosts your confidence by giving you the knowledge that you're doing something good for your body.


Measure up to find the right size suit. Measure your bust and band size for a top that fits your curves and wrap a tape measure around your hips to figure out what size bottom flatters you best. Call up your bestie and enlist her help if you're having trouble taking your own measurements.


Slip into your new suit while lounging around the house. You may feel goofy walking around in nothing but a bathing suit, but getting used to the look and feel of your new duds in the privacy of your own home eliminates some of the stage fright associated with public appearances.


Take small steps and remember that no one is perfect. Sneak out for a dip in the early morning or after dark when there are fewer people at the pool, gradually adding a dip or two during peak swim times. Look around you while you're lounging poolside. Very few, if any, of your fellow suit enthusiasts are perfect. They have lumps, bumps and love handles just like you do, and they're much more interested in enjoying themselves than they are in scrutinizing your flaws.

Things You'll Need


1.Tape measure


Tips & Tricks


If you're having trouble settling on one type of suit, try on all the different suits you even have a slight interest in. You may be surprised at how you look in different suits.


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