Feathered Haircuts for Medium Hair

Stephanie Pratt wears a feathered style at a Kiehl's launch in 2011.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fancy a chic, feathered hairstyle for your medium-length locks? An iconic 70s-inspired Farrah Fawcett 'do rarely goes out of style, even on the red carpet, and can work for many different hair lengths. The unique winged look that makes feathered hair so soft can add a voluminous feminine flair to a girl's layers, which are often otherwise styled very smooth and straight. Turn your tresses relaxed and casual, while also evoking a retro feel, with a variety of feathered styles.

Simple Style

A basic feathered shoulder-length style is dressy enough for an evening out while still staying simple enough for an everyday look. The hairstyle parts on the side, accompanied by glamorous sideswept bangs that brush against the top of the cheekbone. The feathered layers start just above the ears, and continue gradually down to the shoulders in a sweeping upward style. This look is achieved by drying each layer with a round brush and curling the edges of the hair away from the face.

Shaggy Style

A girl can opt for a shaggier style of feathering that lends itself well to texturized sections. Although this look is similar to the basic flip 'do, with sideswept bangs and a shoulder-sweeping length, the layers begin higher on the head, at eye level. All layers are cut close together, all the way down the style, and the ends are texturized with a pair of razoring scissors. Style this look by coating it wet with a little texturizing spray, then scrunch it with your hands and blow it dry.

Glam Girl

A fancy, high-end version of the winged hairstyle involves a part in the center rather than on the side, and long bangs that flip to each side of the face. The bangs blend right into the soft layers that start at eye level, moving all the way around the head and down below the shoulders. The front layers don't just fan out, but instead curl away from the face in a flattering style. Some versions feature layers that curl inwards, as well, framing the face.

Blunt Bangs

One way to change up feathered hair is to add thick, straight bangs to the style instead of going for the softer sideswept look. Layers are cut just below the bangs, and continue all the way down the hair for a shaggy style that is just shy of resembling a scene kid mullet. This hairstyle is versatile, and may be styled messily with just a little texturizing spray, straightened with a flat iron, or curled away from the face like any other fierce feathered hair.

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