What Are the Fashion Rules on Tucking Jeans Into Boots?

Actress Talia Zucker got the trend right at the screening of "Warrior" in Australia.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to middle school, the rules are pretty clear: If girls are snickering at your outfit as you pass by, you're probably doing something wrong. When it comes to the world of adults, chances are your co-workers have grown up a little and the fashion rules will be a bit more subtle. While this is definitely a positive development, what happens if you're not sure if you're doing something right? To correctly capture the jeans-in-boots trend, follow a few simple rules and turn yourself into a true fashion queen.

Start with the Right Jeans

A good jeans-and-boots look isn't going anywhere without the right jeans. One thing that you're trying to avoid at all costs is the dreaded "bunched-up jeans inside the boots" look that nobody thinks is cool, so you have to make sure you have the right kind of jeans. Skinny jeans are absolutely perfect, as are straight-legged jeans, because they hug your legs and have the least amount of material at the bottom. These will tuck nicely into your boots without bunching or scrunching up (yuck). Jeans to avoid like the plague? Boot-legged jeans. Save these for a different trend.

Find the Right Boots

Almost any knee-length boot works for this trend because it will perfectly hold your jeans in place, allow just enough leg to show at the top and will feel comfortable for you. Shorter boots, such as ankle-high boots, tend to look awkward because they don't hold the jeans in as nicely. Depending on your shoes, it might seem like the jeans got caught in there by accident, instead of a purposeful following of a hot trend -- not what you're going for. Boots that are higher than knee-length (over-the-knee boots, natch) don't usually have enough room to tuck that much material in, but if you can do it, more power to you.

Aim for Figure Flattering

Don't shy away from this trend if you're not tall and model-skinny. This look works and works well on and off the runway. The key is to choose the look that works best for you. For a petite figure, wearing dark jeans with black boots is a sneaky trick that will elongate your legs and make you seem taller -- a great trick on a woman where every inch counts. Choose jeans and boots that seem to blend into each other for the best results. Tall woman can afford to break up their legs into sections, especially someone who wants to appear shorter. Choose light jeans with dark boots or vice versa for a cute contrast that shortens.

Pear-Shaped Women

The jeans-and-boots trend is a style that pear-shaped women have nightmares about. A look that requires skinny jeans and emphasizes your thighs? No thanks! But the truth is, even pear-shaped women can pull this off beautifully by choosing the right accompanying shirt and a pair of flared boots. A long, hip-sweeping shirt that brushes your derriere will cover the widest part of your hips and thighs, so you're good on top. As for the bottom, choose form-fitting jeans that don't add width and tuck them into flared-at-the-top boots. These boots will visually widen your calves (only slightly, don't worry), creating balance between the top and bottom halves of your legs and further de-emphasizing your thighs.

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