Fashion in the Hair Industry

Rap artist Nicki Minaj looked haute in New York City wearing a leopard-print wig and hat.

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Your hair is like an extension of your closet. During ancient times, queens like Marie Antoinette didn't just wear the tightest corset and fluffiest dress to declare their economic status. Hair made bold statements as well. Today, the same proves true, but for different reasons. Simply making a wild fashion statement or adding trendy hair pieces to liven up an otherwise boring style is a great way to bring fashion and your hair together.


Wigs are great ways to sport styles that are challenging to achieve with your real hair. Your real hair might not be long or thick enough for the crazy styles you like. Also, sometimes it's easier to go for a colored wig than dyeing your own tresses. Wear a strawberry-red volumized wig that has different curls and designs in it. You can also sport a funky wig covered in spots of animal print.

Hair Clothing

Feathers, jeweled headbands and faux flowers are like piles of never-ending clothing pieces in your treasure box. A sleek hairstyle with decorative hair pieces creates simple, but chic hair looks. You can match the feathered embellishments in your top, for example, with a feathered hair clip, making your hair an extension of your clothing choice.

Haute Colors

"Ombre" highlights are achieved by dyeing only your hair ends for a bold color contrast, which makes color a fashionable trendy entity in itself. Rocking a pink wig to match your pink handbag or rocking a variety of wild highlights are great ways to make fashion statements with your hair.

Hats and Other 3D Hair Pieces

Hats are not usually considered hair pieces. However, there are fabric hats that have track extensions attached in the inside to give the illusion of hair. Decorative small hats with lace can can be worn pinned to the side of your 'do.

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