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Farouk Systems offers a number of hair product lines.

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Without the right hair products in your life, you hair could be dirty, frizzy, dry, dull or all of the above (talk about a bad hair day). Since your hair isn't the same as your best friends' and vice-versa, you can't use one-size-fits-all products.That’s why haircare companies have to branch out and offer a number of product lines. One example is Farouk Systems, which manufactures CHI, Biosilk and Sunglitz. If you are considering using Farouk Systems products, getting wise to how each product line works can help you determine what’s best for your hair type.

CHI Line

You know heat styling can do a number on your hair, but it's hard to resist a flatiron or hot rollers. Standing for cationic hydration interlink, CHI products are designed to withstand heat styling and protect your hair. Additionally, CHI products can repair damage you may have already done to your hair from heat styling. The CHI line also has something for the guys -- the CHI Man line, which features shampoo, conditioners and styling products. Each CHI shampoo and conditioner is designed for a specific hair type, ranging from curly to color-treated to CHI Infra, a shampoo suitable for every type of hair texture.


While it’s not the lemon juice your mom used to put on her hair before going out in the sun, Farouk Systems’ Sunglitz line has a range of shampoo, conditioners and lighteners designed to maintain your hair color or help you lighten it a bit. The hair products also are designed for color-treated hair, which means they won't strip away your hair color, so you won't have to rush to make an appointment with your hairdresser. The treatments are specifically designed for blond hair color types, including beige, ash, golden and strawberry blond. If your blond hair has turned brassy, Sunglitz has powder and spray-on toners to help your hair color return to it's vibrant tone.


Do you have hair so delicate and/or damaged that it would snap at the lightest tug? Then it's time to call in some repairing hair products that can make your hair stronger. That's where the final Farouk Systems hair products line, Biosilk, can come in. Biosilk is a product line to use when your hair is dry, damaged and all-around dull. The Biosilk products have 17 amino acids commonly found in hair. These amino acids compose protein strands that make your hair strong and resilient. In addition to making your hair stronger, the ingredients also are designed to make it shiny, so you can be the envy of all your friends. The Biosilk line includes shampoos, conditioners, deep treatments, styling and finishing products.


If you need a little shine here and heat protection there, the Farouk systems lines are designed to be used in conjunction with each other. Ask your stylist if you are uncertain what products are right for your unique hair type and hair needs. For example, if you use Sunglitz, you want to ensure you are using the right toned shampoos for your blonde hair color to get the brightest results.

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