Farouk Chi Hair Dryer Features

Farouk Chi hair dryers use ionic technology for soft hair.

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There are few relationships as important to your hair as you and your hair dryer. When you find the right one that doesn’t frizz your hair, dries fast and lasts for years, it’s a match made in heaven. Owned by Farouk Systems, maker of haircare products and tools, the Chi product line features American-made hair dryers that may offer a few different features, but have several things in common, including materials and technology designed to keep your hair soft and minimize blow-drying damage.


There’s a lot of science that goes into keeping your hair soft. According to the Farouk.com website, traditional hair dryers emit about 1,500 microns of electric magnetic fields during your hair drying session. What this means is that most hair dryers release electric particles that can damage your hair shaft, affecting your hair’s health. Chi hair dryers are ionic, which means they release ions that are negatively charged. The theory behind ionic technology is that the negative ions neutralize potential damage and make your hair smoother and shinier. If you tend to have problems with frizz, an ionic hair dryer can help you too.


Chi hair dryers are made with ceramic materials, which make the hair dryer lighter than commonly used materials for hair dryers, such as plastic. The lightweight nature of the hair dryer makes it easier to hold when you are doing a “time-consuming style,” according to Petra Guglielmetti, beauty web editor for “Glamour” magazine.

Adjustable Settings

The Chi line of hair dryers offers adjustable rates of air speed, from a higher speed when you are trying to get the dampness out of your whole head of hair, to lower speeds. The lower airflow setting is when you are using a round or paddle brush and concentrating on sections of hair. To lock your style in place, the Chi hair dryers have a cool hair setting, which also helps to infuse shine.

Far Infrared

One of the hallmarks of the Chi hair dryer is the company’s “far infrared” technology. Infrared technology is designed to heat something faster and more efficiently. In this case, the infrared technology is used to dry your hair faster and more efficiently to reduce your drying time. By using infrared technology, you expose your hair to less heat styling. Since heat styling can take moisture from your hair and leave it dry and damaged, faster drying time cuts your getting-ready routine in time and keeps your hair healthy.

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