The Best False Eyelashes for Blondes

Brown false eyelashes are the best fake fringes for blondes.

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For blonde ladies with eyelashes so pale they almost disappear, false lashes can be just the ticket for big, flirty fringes. But it’s important to pick the right eyelashes – going too dark could make you look more clownish than comely. Don’t go lash-looking blindly. With a few guidelines, it’s easy to find the best eyelashes to complement your light lashes and golden hair.

Best Color

For the most natural look, snag a set of brown lashes. Brown false eyelashes are the best choice for blondes, according to the Makeup Notebook website. Black lashes should only be worn by brunettes and black-haired gals. Black false eyelashes often look too harsh and artificial on blondes with fair complexions, explains Katelyn Simkins, a makeup artist with Premier Modeling Agency in Denver. False eyelashes often come in two shades of brown: light brown and dark brown. Pale blondes should go with the lighter brown lashes, Simkins advises, while dark blondes and strawberry blondes can pull off dark brown lashes.

Best Individual Lashes

For false lashes that look like your own, go with individual lashes. They’ll give you the right amount of fullness and will appear natural when contrasted with your light tresses and fair complexion, according to Simkins. “Allure” magazine recommends Ardell DuraLash Naturals. These small clusters of nine to 10 lashes look very natural and come in brown. The magazine also likes M.A.C. 30 Lash individual lashes. They come in different lengths so you can match these fake babies to your natural lashes. Trimming them yourself often gives a blunt look – a dead giveaway that the lustrous lashes aren’t your own.

Best Lash Strips

Blondies desiring a more dramatic look may want to go with lash strips. They’re thicker and longer than individual lashes and work well for photos, according to Simkins. “Cosmopolitan” magazine gives the thumbs-up to Shu Uemura False Eyelashes. One reader of the magazine proclaimed this strip of fake fringes perfect for weddings and other events where tons of pictures will be snapped. For a showgirl vibe, “InStyle” magazine recommends Lash Addiction’s strip lashes in Sex Kitten. One big lash-strip benefit: they’re easier to apply than individual lashes.


Be sure to use brown adhesive. Eyelash glue comes in a variety of colors, according to Simkins. If you use black glue with your brown falsies, your fake fringes will look uber artificial. And hold the mascara. Coating false eyelashes with tons of goopy mascara could make them look way too fake, as well as clumpy and lumpy, Simkins says. Plus, you won’t need mascara if you go the false eyelash route. Even without a hint of mascara, false eyelashes will beautifully frame your eyes and make them a standout feature, along with your Goldilocks tresses.

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