What Is the Best Facial Skincare for Women in Their Late 20s?

You can still be your radiant self, even after your 20s.

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Divas! Your twinkling 20s are about to be behind you, yet you’re still sleeping with makeup on. It’s time you took your skin more seriously and start prepping it for what’s to come. Not saying it’s going to go downhill from here, ladies, but beautiful skin means a more beautiful you.


It’s not possible to use the same products every decade. Different stages in your life call for different ingredients. Doctor Howard Murad of Murad Skincare says that to ensure your fabulous skin remains looking young and fabulous, start an anti-aging skincare routine while you’re in your 20s. He recommends using products that incorporate alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamin A and C as well as glycolic acid. These ingredients will keep skin smooth and radiant.


Eating cupcakes at 2 a.m. used to be fun and no big deal, but these days, those cupcakes are starting to show up the next day. Doctor Murad says to also keep an eye on your nutrition. He strongly recommends eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Also, he says to include embryonic foods like eggs, seeds and beans into your diet. These delicious foods will help you continue to generate healthy skin from the inside out.


Having the right morning and night regimen is uber important for healthier-looking skin. Skin therapist Tawny Agriam of Tawny Health and Beauty in Santa Monica says that women in their late 20s should start adding exfoliation, antioxidants and peptides in their routine. Agriam recommends using a gentle cleanser every morning and night. Nighttime is most important because your skin rejuvenates itself while you’re in a sweet dream. For the morning, Agriam recommends a light moisturizer with sunscreen. Also, she suggests exfoliating three times a week to get rid of dry, damaged skin and bring out the healthy skin you know you have.


There are so many products to choose from, and not knowing which will be your best friend and which will turn into an enemy can be tiring. Agriam loves Power Rich from Dermalogica. She says that it’s the best night cream because it’s infused with palmitoyl pentapeptide, which stimulates collagen production. As for a morning moisturizer, she recommends using Suntegrity because it’s a great moisturizer and has SPF 30, which is great for the face.

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