Facial Scrub for Clogged Pores

Facial scrubs go beyond cleansers to unclog pores.

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Clogged pores make you look old, tired or unkempt. Even if you burn the midnight oil, skipping a face cleansing isn't an option. Use a gentle facial scrub daily after a simple cleanser, or amp up your regimen with exfoliating scrubs now and then. The right facial scrub will leave your skin feeling tight and refreshed and minimize pore gunk so you look and feel healthier!

Clogged Pore Causes

To combat clogged pores altogether, you've got to tackle all the causes. If you don't remove all face makeup daily, pores clog. If your pores appear larger on one area, such as around your chin, it could be from resting your telephone there or rubbing the area with your hands. Cut down on fiddling with your face, since it spreads oil, clogging pores. A facial scrub can help, but it can't do everything for you!

Facial Scrubs

Gentle scrubs can be used every day to clean out pores before big zits develop, and they'll be marked "for daily use." Exfoliating scrubs should be used only occasionally, as a pore deep-clean. With both types of facial scrubs, look for alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids. These can be abbreviated as AHA's or BHA's, and both zap pore-clogging oil to clean pores and reduce their appearance.


Too much of a good thing can irritate your skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, use an exfoliating facial scrub only once or twice a month. If you have normal skin, use the rougher facial scrub only once a week, and if your skin is oily, go up to twice a week. If a product irritates your skin, tingles or hurts, stop using it and find another scrub.


If you've got mega-pores or big zits, you might be tempted to give that face a good scrubbing in hopes it will be more effective. Ease up there, girl: Scrubbing too hard can irritate the skin, causing it to look red or pores to appear bigger. Use gentle but firm pressure for cleansing. Let the product sit on your skin, then rinse off. Make sure to rinse off all of the scrub, because residue can clog pores.

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