Face Scrubs for Acne Scars

Get rid of acne scars with a scrub you make yourself.

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There's almost nothing worse than a problem that is written all over your face. When the red pimples of acne are replaced by ugly scars, the embarrassment only gets worse. If you have scars, one approach to get rid of them is to use a facial scrub that you make yourself, or to find one that contains ingredients that are helpful for treating scars. There are many recipes out there, but the main components include essential oils, herbs, a carrier oil and a scrubbing agent.

Essential OIl

The healing properties in a natural facial scrub often come from essential oils that are known to heal the skin and treat scars. Among them, Helichrysum italicum, also called everlasting oil, is known to regenerate skin and act as an anti-inflammatory. Other essential oils to look for in a facial scrub -- or to include in your homemade scrub -- are lavender, rosemary and calendula oils, all of which have regenerative properties that can help heal acne scars. With most healing essential oils, though, a few drops go a long way, and in fact too much essential oil can have a negative effect.


A number of medicinal herbs can be good additions to an acne scar treatment as well. Look for products that contain aloe vera or cucumber juice, as these are thought to help in reducing scars and improving skin health. Other herbs you may look for in your facial scrubs are sandalwood, honey, cinnamon and citrus. If you're making your own face scrub, add any of these ingredients in modest amounts.

Carrier Oil

If you're making your own face scrub to treat your acne scars, you'll need a carrier oil that works best for treating your problem. Carrier oils are the main ingredient for your scrub; the part that "carries" all the ingredients that are added in smaller amounts. For treating scars, almond oil and rose-hip seed oil are good choices, as they're both known to help reduce scarring. Other choices could be olive or coconut oil.

Scrubbing Agent

To make them what their name implies, face scrubs need something that actually scrubs. For a homemade variety, this typically includes two things that you probably already have in your kitchen: sugar or salt. Both of these ingredients, in their rawer forms, have enough abrasion action to help with the scrubbing part of a facial scrub. If you're trying to give your skin a bit more nourishment, try sea salt instead of rock or table salt; it contains more minerals that could benefit your skin.

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