My Face Gets Really Oily During the Day

Get rid of mid-day oily skin.

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Oily, shiny skin is never cute. Unfortunately, lots of ladies have this problem. By about the middle of the day, your face is super oily and putting powder over it just turns you into an oily and now powdery mess, which is even less cute than just being oily. If you've been there, don't fret. There are other ways to keep your skin gorgeous and oil-free all day long.

Before You Leave the House

Sometimes washing your face just isn't enough. If you wash your face but it still gets gross and oily after a few hours, you need a little extra help. There's a product called mattifying cream that you smooth all over your face after washing it. It'll help keep your face dry with a nice matte finish for longer. You can find mattifying cream at most drugstores or beauty counters.

Blotting Tissue

Sometimes it's as simple as having a few trusty knick-knacks on you to fix your problem areas. So, if you haven't already, go out immediately and buy yourself a pack of blotting tissues. A regular tissue takes some of that oil off but it takes your makeup with it. Blotting tissues soak up oil amazingly, while leaving your makeup in place.

Backup Measures

If you forgot to refill your blotting tissues and you're really in a jam, try this simple trick. Find yourself a public restroom and pull off a toilet seat cover. Yes, that's right, a toilet seat cover. Use that to blot your face if you don't have a blotting tissue handy. It'll do the exact same thing.

Don't Pile on the Makeup

Instead of layering on tons of makeup, try going for a more natural look. Not only will you look fresh and pretty, but your face will stay less oily. "Too many formulas at once just combat the matte texture," says celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman in "InStyle." So, after you wash your face and apply your mattifying cream, put on an oil-free foundation and don't apply anything else over it.

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