How to Do Face Framing Highlights

Frame your face with bold highlights.

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Draw all eyes to your gorgeous face with face-framing highlights. Use your hair to pull the eye right where you want it. Adding bright and bold highlights to your hair with a highlighting kit is an easy way to amp up your glam. Leave the rest of your hair a darker base color and apply a few highlights to frame your face with shimmering color.


Start with clean, dry hair. Make sure your hair is free of product before you highlight because this could keep the highlighting solution from absorbing into your hair. Detangle your hair with the comb.


Slip on the cute little highlighting cap and tie it tightly under your chin. This will help you place the highlights right where you want them, while keeping the solution off the rest of your hair.


Use the hook included in the kit to pull out strands of hair only around your face. If you look at the cap, you will probably see circles around some of the holes. If you only pull strands out through the holes with circles, you will create a very subtle effect. If you pull strands out through the circled holes and other holes as well, you'll create a more dramatic effect. Pull strands through all the holes around the edges of the cap closest to your face and then pull strands through the next closest holes also to create face-framing highlights that will be a nice balance of subtle and dramatic.


Mix up the highlighting solution according to package instructions and apply the solution to the hair that you pulled through the holes in the cap. Make sure you coat this hair really well.


Cover your head with the plastic and start timing. The package instructions will give you a time range according to your hair color and the amount of lightening you want. When the minimum time elapses for the amount of lightening you desire, check your hair. Wipe just a little of the solution off your hair so you can see the highlighting results. If you like what you see, it's time to rinse. If you want more lightening, slather on a little more solution and wait for a few more minutes. Keep checking until you see the lightening you want.


Rinse the highlighting solution from your hair with the cap still on your head. After you get all the solution off your hair, take the cap off and keep rinsing. Use the shampooing and conditioning products included in the kit to finish the process.


Style your hair normally and check out those fierce, face-framing highlights.

Things You'll Need



3.Home highlighting kit (cap, highlighting solution, hook, gloves and shampoo)



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