The Best Eyeliner Color for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes give you tons of eyeliner shade options.

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Hazel eyes are tricky creatures: Sometimes they look green, sometimes they look brown and sometimes they get all golden. This can be great fun when it comes to makeup, because you can pretty much pick and choose what shade you want to bring out in your eyes depending on your mood. As far as eyeliner is concerned, the shade you choose depends on what you want to do to those ever-changing eyes of yours.

Play It Safe

If you have eyeliner anxiety and just aren't sure what shade to sport, opt for a no-brainer: Black eyeliner. There isn't a pair of eyes out there that won't look awesome in classic black liner; it's a neutral, color-enhancing shade that makes any eye hue pop against it. Black liner also never goes out of style, so there's zero chance of making a makeup faux pas. Hazel eyed ladies have been lining up with basic black since the days of Cleopatra, so why buck tradition?

Get Green

Okay, maybe you want something a little juicier than plain black liner. In that case, bring out the gorgeous green tones in your hazel eyes with a colored liner that brings the green. You may think, obviously, this means green eyeliner; actually, no. To get your green tones to come out and play, you need a contrasting color, not a similar color. A dark brown mocha liner will play off your green tones, though for a little more fun try a liner in rich dark purple, plum or mauve.

Bring On The Brown

To accentuate the brown tones in your hazel eyes, stay away from brown liners that are the same shade as the brown in your eyes. Instead, try a lighter caramel or mocha colored brown liner, or get deep with a dark burgundy brown wine liner. You can also work those opposites by using green-toned liners to bring out the brown. Play around with lighter green, as well as darker, mossier green liners; see what looks best on your peepers.

Go For The Gold

Hazel eyes are like little treasure chests. They're all filled with glittering, luscious gold. To bring out the yellow and golden flecks in your hazel eyes, use a liner that has a little shimmer and dazzle to it. Shimmery, glittery liners will pick up on the shimmery, glittery bits in your irises, bringing those sparkly golden undertones to the forefront. Bronze or copper liner will do the trick, and so will shimmery greens or dark golden yellows.

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