What Is Eyelash Darkening?

Say goodbye to pale lashes.

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Imagine not having to brush mascara onto your eyelashes just to know they are there. If you’re a girl with pale, barely-there eyelashes, eyelash tinting can darken your eyelashes, rendering your tube of mascara obsolete. Eyelash darkening is waterproof and won’t rub off. The best part – it lasts for four to six weeks.

The Color Palette

Eyelash darkening tints are aniline-free dyes that come in an array of colors. With eyelash darkening you’re not stuck with just black. Various shades of brown and reds are available, too. If you’re the type of girl who dares to be different, brilliant shades of blue, green and violet are also available. Just how dark you go is dependent on the tint you choose. The tint is mixed with a developer that gives it its semi-permanent characteristics.

Just a Matter of Minutes

Before beginning the eyelash darkening process, the cosmetologist cleans your eye area with an oil-free makeup remover, and then blots your skin dry. You must then close your eyes so that she can apply the eye protector papers to safeguard the skin of your lower eyelids. Once the dye is on, the eyelash darkening process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You must keep your eyes closed for the duration of the dyeing process to ensure that no dye enters the eye cavity.

The Blind Truth

Hair dye is not eyelash dye. If you are in a bind and desperate to dye your eyelashes, don’t use ordinary hair dye. According to Cornell University Law School, hair dye is solely for use on hair and should never be used on the eyebrows or the eyelashes. The chemicals in ordinary hair dye are too strong for the eyelashes and delicate skin of the eye area. Applying hair dye to the lashes, which are in such close proximity to the eye itself, can and has resulted in blindness.

Fair Warning

Just because a salon may be performing eyelash tinting or a store may be selling an eyelash tint kit, doesn’t mean the practice is safe. In fact, harm has come to the eyes of some women who have used eyelash tints to darken their lashes. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there is not a single dye that has been deemed safe to use around the eye area, especially the lashes.

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