The Best Eyeglass Frame Shape for a Square Face


Not only do women come in various shapes, sizes and complexions, but they also have many face shapes. Once you know your face shape, it's much easier to know what type of hairstyle, clothing and glasses make your face come alive. A square face is arguably the most severe face shape because of its extreme angles and contours. But, several styles of frames perfectly complement its structure.


Most of a square face is quite wide, with a broad forehead, strong jawline and a prominent, square chin. Since this is the case, avoid glasses that are wide across the top or bottom because it makes your face appear wider and heavier. Narrow frames incorporate contrast; by pairing a frame that is the opposite of your face, you are allowing both to stand out on their own and not blend. A narrow frame also softens a square face for a balanced look.


Contrast is also a factor here with round frames. A soft, round frame looks great against the structured angles and contours of a square face because it tones down the face and allows its best attributes to show. But not all round frames are created equal when it comes to a square face. Carefully choose medium-sized round frames because those that are too small or too large will emphasize a square face instead of complementing it.


An oval frame has pretty much the same effect as a round frame, but it is a lot more versatile. The oval shape should have softer lines at the center and the top because it needs to soften the broad forehead and pronounced jaw of a square face. Not only does an oval frame add balance and contrast, but it also draws the eye into the complete face instead of the specific standout features of a square face.

Center Set

Glasses come in specific settings. Low, top and center set are the popular settings for glasses that determine exactly where they set on your face and what face shapes look best with a particular setting. For a square face, opt for frames that have a center setting because they softly balance the strong jawline and broad forehead instead of making them appear bigger. By contrast, top-set frames make the forehead of a square face appear wider, and low-set frames emphasize the structured jawline.

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