Eyebrow Threading & Ingrown Hairs

The sanitary nature of threading helps control ingrown hairs.

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Nothing's worse than stumbling sleepily to the mirror in the morning and discovering you've got a huge pink bump in your eyebrow from an ingrown hair. Threading might put your ingrown hair troubles to bed. This is a simple, traditionally Eastern technique that is gaining popularity in the West.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a way of getting unwanted hair off your body. It's a traditional Asian and Indian technique also known as eyebrow stitching, khite or fatlah. The technician wraps a cotton thread around her fingers in a way that catches your hair when the thread goes across your skin. Once the technician has a hold of the pesky hairs, she gives the thread a yank, pulling the hairs out. This method of hair removal thus is similar to plucking, but it usually only takes about half the time because you can pull out multiple hairs at once.

Why It Works for Ingrown Hairs

Eyebrow threading often is more effective at removing and preventing ingrown hairs compared to other techniques. The technician is able to get very close to the skin and therefore can grab the ingrown hair with the thread very easily, even if not a lot of the ingrown hair is visible above the skin. Even though the technician is super close to the skin, there's no danger of a sharp, blunt pinch the way there is with tweezing. The method also is able to hold the hair close to the root, reducing the risk of breakage. Threading can thin bushy areas of your brow with great precision as well, making it less likely the hairs will fold at odd angles and poke back into the skin. Threading is chemical-free and requires only the thread, so it's very sanitary and safe. There's virtually no risk of other pores and follicles clogging or of burning the skin.

The Cons

Similar to waxing, you can't completely take the "ouch" factor out of eyebrow threading. After all, you're pulling hair right out of the skin. Additionally, you'll likely have some temporary redness and swelling after the procedure, so using threading for ingrown hairs and general eyebrow control isn't something to do minutes before you pose for a family portrait. It also usually isn't permanent unless repeated threading damages the follicle severely enough, so you have to keep going back to the salon.

Things to Think About

Threading is still gaining popularity, so if you've got some ingrown hairs you need to tackle, you might need to shop around for a qualified technician experienced in the technique. You also should be clear with your technician about your threading goals -- getting rid of ingrown hairs is different than simply wanting to get a different brow shape. Although eyebrow threading is a fairly inexpensive process, if you just have one or two occasional ingrown hairs, your tweezers might give you more precise, faster results for free.

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