The Best Eyebrow Shape for a Diamond Shaped Face


With so many concerns about your skin, eyes and snagging this season’s hottest hue for your lips, don’t neglect your brows. Anyone who’s ever over-plucked or gone a little overboard with the wax can attest that the shape of your eyebrows can dramatically alter your appearance. If your face is widest at your temples and your features are a bit sharp and angular, you’re a diamond-faced diva. While this face shape is a little less common than others, a beautiful brow can even out your features.


If you’re sporting a prominent jawline and a shorter forehead like many gals with a diamond-shaped face, your goal should be to balance your brows with the natural angles of your face. You have a couple of options here. One plan of attack is to balance pointed features with a strong, angled brow. Go for a high arch that tapers off to a gradual curve on the outside. If pulling off a dramatic arch is worrisome, try a gentler, curved arch that will create the illusion of softer facial lines.


Use a brow pencil or even a little dab of liquid eyeliner to map out your plan of attack before tweezing a single hair. Draw an imaginary straight line from the edge of your nose to the corner of your eye to determine where your brow should start and remove any hairs that cross that line toward the middle of your face. A straight diagonal imaginary line from the outside edge of your nose to the outside corner of your eye will show you where your brow should end. Determine where your brows should arch by making an imaginary diagonal line from the tip of your nose through the middle of your pupil while you’re looking straight ahead. Your arch should be a little bit toward the outside of your face. Don’t arch in the dead center of your brow or you’ll end up looking angry or surprised 24/7. Always pluck from the bottom up when creating an arch. Use precise tweezers with angled tips so you can isolate the hairs you want to get rid of without thinning your brows too much. A magnified makeup mirror is helpful.


Achieving a perfect arch on your own can be a little tricky. If it’s your first time wielding the tweezers, you may want to reconsider and go to a professional. Getting your brows professionally done shouldn’t put a huge dent in your cash flow, and you can ask a pro how to achieve the look yourself. Explain the shape you’re after before your esthetician goes to work. Better yet, bring in a picture of a model or celeb with a face shape similar to yours and ask for an eyebrow to match. Take a peek at pics of Sophia Loren or Linda Evangelista for inspiration for diamond-shaped faces.


When shaping your eyebrows, remember that less is more. Try a subtler, lower arch when determining the best fit for your brows. You can always take away a bit more and go a little higher if you want, but over-tweeze and you’ll be struggling to fill in the gaps for weeks. Even though faces are categorized into a handful of basic shapes, every woman’s features are a little different. Go with what makes you shine in your own skin. If you overdo it, don’t panic. Brow pencils and powders can fix your look. For extra smoothing power for too-thin brows, try a slightly tinted brow pomade with a waxy consistency, recommends brow groomer Anastasia Soare in “Cosmopolitan.”

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