Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair With Fair Skin

Reese Witherspoon dresses up her blue eyes with dark liner and smoky shadow at the Academy Awards.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For a woman with pale coloring, the right makeup can make the difference between looking beautiful and emulating a sunken-eyed zombie. The combination of blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair may make you look washed out, but applying just any vivid eye shadow won't solve your problem. Opt for shades that enhance the delicate coloring Mother Nature gave you.

Base Colors

Blue-on-blue might work for the fabric on your grandmother's couch, but it's definitely not what to have if you want your eyes to stand out. Eye shadows close to the natural shade of your eyes will tend to make your eyes disappear. Opt instead for neutral browns and grays, such as camel, champagne, cream, nutmeg, chocolate, charcoal or silver. Lighter pinks, lilacs and violets also will work well for you. Avoid shimmery colors, which will not stand out against your pale skin, or deep dramatic colors, which provide too much contrast for your pale coloring.

Accent Colors

Since both your fair skin and your blue eyes fall into the cool color spectrum, you can achieve high drama with accent colors in warm tones---the opposite color family--such as copper, dark purple and burgundy. Be careful not to apply these colors in large quantities, however, or you risk looking like you were on the losing end of a battle in a back alley.

Blonde Shades

Your skin and eye color are the most important considerations in choosing eye shadow colors, but for a look that is completely in sync, you need to factor in your hair as well. Blonde is not just blonde. Hair color, whether natural or from a bottle, has overtones --- the hue that stands out in natural light. If you are a platinum blonde, for example, you have bluish overtones and you'll look best in eye shadows with ash, silver or bluish hues. If your hair has golden highlights, you have warm hair contrasting with cool skin and eyes. Unify this contrast with warmer eye shadow colors, such as honey, champagne, peach or caramel.

Application Tips

Start with a primer to help eye shadow adhere to your lids rather than wandering down the side of your face as the day wears on. Apply the lightest shade under your brow bone, a medium shade on the lid and the deepest color across your lash line and on the outer corners of your eyes. If your eyes are close set, use a concealer along the edges of your lids that are closest to your nose and apply your darkest shade extending outward from the middle of your lids to the temple side. Give the color a little lift upward as you reach the outer side of your lids. For eyes that are too far apart, use the darker color on the inside edge and the lighter colors along the temple side.

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