How to Do Eye Makeup With Blond Eyelashes

Don't hide your light lashes -- enhance them.

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Blond is beautiful but when it comes to your lashes, the lighter the blond the more invisible your lashes can become. Shrouding light lashes under gobs and gobs of eye makeup may turn heads, but the attention may be far from positive. Girls with barely there lashes really get noticed when they choose eye makeup that adds a subtle hint of color that enhances their blond lashes instead of hiding them.


Opt for a brand of brown mascara that contains a wand with short bristles for better control. When your eyelashes are blond, mascara is your best friend – the right mascara, that is. Forget black. Black is way too drastic for pale eyes and can even give you a garish look if applied too heavily. Stand in front of a mirror and brush it on, starting at the roots of your eyelashes, working your way to the tips. Continue brushing until you have a nice even coat of brown mascara over all of your lashes. Step back from the mirror and revel in your new eye-opening look.


Choose eyeliner in shades of brown, gray and charcoal that will make your eyes pop without looking harsh. If you have light lashes, chances are your skin tone is quite light as well. Ladies with light complexions require eyeliners that complement the brown mascara. The application should look as natural as possible, so if you have a heavy hand, lighten up. Opt for eyeliner pencils, drawing a neat line as close to the lash line of each eye as possible, starting from the inside corner and working your way out. Smudge the line with a cotton swab, from the inner corner of each eye to the outer corner. If you normally line your bottom lid, stop. Blondie’s look better without it.


Choose three eye shadow colors from the same neutral color family. One color should be slightly darker than the next. After choosing a mascara and just the right eyeliner to complement it, enhance that blond lash line with natural shadows that offer a hint of color without overpowering your look. Neutral peaches, browns and pinks are your best bet for light-lashed gals. Use a sponge-tipped applicator or natural hair brush to smooth the lightest of the colors over your brow bone, the medium color over your lid and the deepest of the colors in the crease between your eyelid and brow bone. Blend the colors with a cotton swab for a natural look.


Go for something a little more permanent if you’re tired of waking up, rushing to your vanity for a tube of mascara and brushing it on morning after morning. Offered at salons and spas, eyelash tinting is a process that stains your eyelashes brown or black, eliminating the daily drudgery of applying mascara. If you have blond eyelashes, the process may be the answer to your prayers.

Things You'll Need


1.Brown mascara

3.Brown, gray and charcoal eyeliner

5.Neutral eye shadows


4.Cotton swabs


Tips & Tricks


Blend, blend and blend some more with a cotton swab. The more you blend, the more attractive and natural the eye makeup colors will look.

If you're up for trying eyelash tinting, make sure that you do your homework and opt for a reputable salon that explains the pros and cons of the process. Although the procedure is far from illegal, it is not yet FDA approved.


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