Extravagant Hairstyles

A model shows off an extravagantly cool 'do on the John Richmond runway.

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Sleek and straight? Ho-hum. Romantic ringlets? Been there, done that. Basic braids and ponies? Please, not again. You want to check out the fashion frontiers with an over-the-top, scene-stealing 'do. Well, you're in luck: Extravagant hairstyles rule on the runways, and you can rock one at home no matter what your hair type.

Short Hair: Glittery Hair Stencil

Who says cropped 'dos are short on style? A glittery stencil gives your gamine cut some high-octane glam. You'll need a stencil in whatever shape you feel like rocking -- try a star, a flower or even a cool abstract design. You'll also need a small paintbrush, plus body glitter and cosmetic glitter powder in matching shades. To start, smooth down your strands with a bit of styling gel. Place the stencil on the side of your crown and use your non-dominant hand to hold it still. Use the paintbrush and body glitter to gently fill in the design. Then sprinkle a little glitter powder over top. Chill for a few minutes and hold the stencil steady while the glitter dries. Remove the stencil and lock the look down with a light mist of hairspray.

Medium Hair: Pompadour

Take a cue from the catwalk with a rockabilly-inspired pompadour. For the most modern take on this retro-cool runway favorite, a softly mussed-up texture is key. Start by massaging a volumizing product through damp tresses and blow dry. Gently tease the roots to score tantalizing texture. Use a large-barrel hot iron to curl hair, then fluff out the curls with a soft-bristle brush. Gently pull the top layers of hair up and back and loosely secure at the crown of you head with an elastic band. Don't pull too tight -- you want that messy "bump" effect. Smooth the bottom layers of hair into a second ponytail and loosely secure it right on top of the first ponytail. Now grab both ponies and twist them together into a messy bun, then pin in place at the base of the skull.

Long Hair: Triple Pony

This extravagant take on the ponytail is a tress trend triple threat. Three high, sleek Versace-style ponies equal one dangerously cool look. Blow-dry your hair smooth with a paddle-brush and styling mousse. Divide your mane into horizontal sections. Gather each section into a super-tight ponytail and secure with a snag-free elastic. Position the first pony at the top of your crown, the second pony about halfway down the crown and the third a little above the nape of your neck. Now pull a strand loose from each pony and wrap it around elastic to hide it. Use a rattail comb to lightly tease the base of each pony so that they stand up straight off your head.

Curly Hair: Chopstick Twists

Chopstick twists are crazy-cool and 100 percent guaranteed to steal the spotlight -- but they're also surprisingly simple to create. They work best on hair that's got plenty of natural texture -- so have at 'em, curly-haired cuties. Hit up the beauty store and grab some pretty hair chopsticks. To create the look, divide hair into 1-inch sections. Take the first section and twist it tight from roots to ends, so that the hair winds down on itself. Wrap the end of the twist around the base and secure with a hair grip. Repeat all over your entire head. Now, carefully slide a chopstick through the center of each twist. The different chopsticks should point in different, random directions for a fun, funky effect. Finish with a blast of firm-hold hairspray all over.

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