How to Do Expressive Eye Makeup

Put the focus back on your eyes with expressive makeup.

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Playing it safe with a basic eye shadow hue has its place, but it just won't do when you need an expressive makeup look for your pretty peepers. Whether you are prepping for a hot date, a special occasion or an engagement photo shoot for your upcoming nuptials, you'll need bold and beautiful eye makeup to make your eyes glitter and gleam. Follow a few expert beauty tips for glam and gorgeous eyes that are goof-proof.


Work with your natural skin tone. If your skin is fair, swipe on taupe, peach and pale gold shadows. Women with medium and dark complexions look great in gold, browns and bronze-colored shadows.


Swipe a neutral shadow shade -- taupe, light brown or vanilla -- from your lash line to below the crease with an eye shadow brush. Deposit a darker-colored charcoal gray or chocolate brown in the crease for definition.


Add a highlight shade to the brow bone. Using an angled eye shadow brush, sweep a gold- or bone-colored shadow under your eyebrows to make your eyes pop and appear more expressive. Blend the three shadow colors with a fluffy brush.


Using a dark brown or black eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line on the upper lash line. Smudge this dark line with a cotton swab to make your eyes appear sexy and smoky.


Curl lashes with an eyelash curler three times to make your eyes expressive and more defined. Press the lash curler upward from the base of the upper lashes to the end.


Fatten lashes with two coats of black or brown mascara to create a finishing touch to your expressive eye look. Hello, bright and beautiful eyes!

Things You'll Need


1.Eye shadow

3.Fluffy eye shadow brush

5.Cotton swab


9.False eyelashes

2.Angled eye shadow brush

4.Brown or black eyeliner pencil

6.Eyelash curler

8.Iridescent white or vanilla eye shadow


Tips & Tricks


Add a sheer, iridescent silver or white shadow to the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them. Are your lashes too thin? Use a couple of falsies to beef up your eyelashes before applying mascara.


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