The Best Exfoliator for Black Skin

Get your dark skin even more gorgeous with the right exfoliant.

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African-American lovelies have rich, beautiful skin that is seriously enviable. But, gorgeousness aside, dark skin carries its own unique problems. For instance, dry skin shows up quite visibly, and pimples often leave dark spots, called hyperpigmentation. When you want to exfoliate your black skin, you'll need to know what to reach for to avoid spotlighting any problem areas. There are a few products specially formulated to slough off that dry skin and reveal your black beauty.

Glycolic Acid

To get rid of any dead or dry skin, reach for a wash that contains 5 percent glycolic acid, says "Allure" magazine. One like Glycolix 5 Percent Gentle Face Cleanser is a good bet. You've probably heard of glycolic acid kicking acne in the tush, but it is also great as an exfoliant. It sends that dry skin packing without irritating your skin, which can cause even more spots. Use the wash twice daily and it will get rid of the unsightly skin, and prevent more from showing up.


If your skin is seriously dry, reach for a glycolic acid peel like Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads, says "Allure." When applied once a week, this nifty product really gets deep down into your skin, fighting off the dead stuff and allowing your healthy, luxe skin to peek through. Don't use it more than once a week, however, no matter how gnarly your skin feels. Too much use can irritate your skin and potentially cause damage.

What to Skip

You're tough and can handle just about anything, but your skin? Not so much. Grainy exfoliants are too harsh for African-American skin and can cause irritation, which often shows up as dark spots. For this reason, sticking to washes that contain helpful glycolic acid is your best bet.

Dry Skin Tips

All skin colors look better when they are hydrated and smooth. But dark skin in particular looks heavenly. Since dry skin is light-colored, it creates an ashen appearance up against dark skin. The result? A gray skin tone -- ick. Slather on rich, creamy moisturizers daily to keep your epidermis looking elegant. Additionally, setting up a humidifier in your home incorporates water into the air, preventing you from getting so dry.

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