How to Exfoliate With Face Scrub Wipes


If your skin is about as soft as a fine-grit sand paper, it’s probably due to poor nutrition and poor skin maintenance. An exfoliant might help. You can try natural solutions, like lemons, coffee grinds and oatmeal, but a quick handy product you can buy from the store is a package of face scrub wipes. These wipes have beads or grooves that rub out those old dead cells to reveal healthier, softer skin that lies beneath.


Cleanse your face normally to get rid of any makeup or extra oil on the skin. Rinse and pat your face dry with a towel so that it’s just a little bit damp. Dab your face with a skin toner.


Pull out a scrub wipe and wrap it around your middle and index finger -- the same two fingers you probably use to dip into a jar of lotion or petroleum jelly.


Start rubbing the exfoliating wipe in a circular motion ever so lightly around the area under your eyes and then out toward your ears. Repeat on the other side of your face. You’ll definitely feel the pressure from the beads or grooves as you go along.


Scrub your forehead next, again using the same circular pattern. When that’s covered, move on down the bridge of your nose. Take special care to scrub the area right next to and under your nose, which tends to get really rough, flaked and dried out.


Exfoliate the chin area from one side to the other with circular motions, then rub the pad over the top of your lip and over your lips too. Flaky, crackly lips need help too.


Rinse your face of the residue left by the scrub wipes. Dry off with your towel. Keep your scrub wipes by the sink so that you can do this each day.

Things You'll Need


1.Facial cleanser


2.Skin toner

4.Exfoliating scrub wipes


Tips & Tricks


Pull out a new scrub wipe for each area of the face if necessary.


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