Evening Primrose Facial Products

There's more than meets the eye with the pretty evening primrose.

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The delicate yellow evening primrose flower blooms at dusk, just when lots of ladies want to put their best faces forward too. The plant's oil contains essential fatty acids that help you stay healthy. Some health foodies take evening-primrose oil supplement capsules, and the oil is also used to make skincare products to help your face look as beautiful as the primrose blossom.

Night Cream

The fatty acids in evening primrose oil can have rejuvenating effects, so several manufacturers make night creams that contain the oil, either as the main ingredient, or mixed with other beneficial substances. You can find anti-aging evening primrose cream that contains additional skin-health boosters like borage oil and emu oil to fight wrinkles while you sleep.

Eye Cream

The essential oils from the evening primrose plant can help fight the fine lines gals inevitably get around their eyes. Evening primrose oil helps brighten the skin around the eyes and can also lighten dark circles. Eye creams with evening primrose oil help your eyes keep their young and line-free appearance, and let you look wide awake and ready to take on the world.


When skin gets stressed it can dry out, leading to those dreaded wrinkles. The natural fatty acids in evening primrose oil soothe and hydrate stressed skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth and refreshed. You can find intensive evening primrose moisturizers for super-dry and irritated skin. Many evening primrose moisturizers are made with all-natural organic ingredients.

Lip Balm

Your luscious lips can also benefit from the health qualities of evening primrose oil. Lip balms with main ingredients like shea butter and beeswax mix in evening primrose oil and other essential oils to give your smile an essential fatty-acid health boost. Pick a color and flavor, and pucker up for a primrose shine.

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