Emo Girl Haircuts for Thin Hair

Nicki Minaj shows off emo style at a 2011 Los Angeles gala.

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Emo, which describes a moody, dark style of punk music and fashion, extends to hairstyles as well. If you have thin, flat hair you may fear that getting a wild emo look is out of reach. However, it's merely a matter of using different cutting tools, going lighter with your styling products and accessorizing with funky hair art to rock a Goth, grunge or punk vibe.


The best way to get that messy, carefree look? Start with second-day hair. Trim just the edges to get rid of damage and dead weight. Massage mousse with light hold into your scalp to freshen it and add volume to your top layer of hair. Turn your head upside down and shake out your hair. Flip upright and tease your hair to make it look more tussled. Wrap isolated segments around your fingers and spritz with spray wax to create random waves. Grunge up this hairstyle by dipping just the ends in inky dye or go rave by clipping in long, fluorescent strands of faux hair.

Jagged Layers

Layers give thin hair movement and body. However, you do not want to look too sporty and kill your emo look. Instead, opt for jagged layers. Chop uneven layers around your forehead and ears. Go super short at the very top of your head so you can rock vertical waves or spikes, or go with super long, messy layers that hang by your ears and shoulders. Dye just your bangs or isolated strands neon blue to make your haircut stand out.

Asymmetrical Haircuts

Like messy layers, asymmetrical haircuts can look askew. However, their geometric or retro-futuristic shapes lend you a more cutting-edge and fashion-forward look. With thin hair, these haircuts stick closer to your head, but you can get more volume by using mousse or a light spray gel. Go '80s with a new wave-inspired cut featuring more length on one side, or a buzz on only one side. For a more subtle effect, buzz-cut just the back of your hair short but leave the sides longer. Trim your bangs crookedly, or angle them so they are longer over one eye than the other.

Style Notes

Thin hair quickly flattens without proper maintenance. Keep damaged hair trimmed so you maintain volume. Use a light, lotion-based conditioner rather than thick products that saturate your hair. Skip double-process coloring, which breaks thin hair. Instead, dye small patches or segments with spray-in color, or use colored hair extensions. Tiny plastic barrettes in bright colors, rhinestone-studded bobby pins and lace ribbons give your emo haircut signature style.

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