How to Eliminate Red Skin

Red lips are fabulous, but red skin? Not so much.

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Our facial skin can be our best friend, or our worst enemy. Red skin can be embarrassing, which, come to think of it, can lead to even redder skin. No one wants to pack on pounds of foundation to cover up redness. Why hide it, when you can begin to slowly, but surely, eliminate it.


Wash your face with warm water with a cleanser that also soothes your skin. The warm water opens the pores, inviting the cleanser to clean them. Rinse your face with cold water, which closes the pores, allowing the cleanser to do its duty.


Use a toner to remove any excess dirt from the skin. Dirt and oil left behind can irritate skin, causing redness. Apply the toner on a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply to skin in downward streaks. A toner also will help the moisturizer applied to your face afterward work better.


Apply your moisturizer with clean hands, and get every nook and cranny. "Teen Vogue" suggests using a tinted moisturizer. This way you moisturize the skin and help cover redness without heavy foundation. Anti-redness moisturizer is another option you can use to make your skin go from blotchy to beautiful.


Apply a small amount of mineral foundation to calm your skin, preventing more redness and irritation, while covering the redness that's already there. Increase the amount until you get the coverage you want.

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Sleeping with makeup on is a huge beauty faux pas. For radiant skin, washing off all the makeup, dirt and oil the day left behind on your face is an absolute necessity.


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