Are Eggs Good for Pimples?

Using eggs to get rid of pimples may seem strange, but you don't have to tell your friends.

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There's nothing like waking up in the morning and facing a nasty little hill on your nose to start off your day on the wrong foot. Nobody ever welcomes a pimple, so the key to dealing with them is to get them over and out ASAP. If you feel like you've tried every trick in the book to say goodbye to your ugly red friends, reach for your trusty refrigerator door for one that you probably haven't experimented with yet -- an egg.

For Breakouts

For a real, no-denying-it breakout, like a big pimple or other nasty blemish, a mix of egg yolks and water forms a paste that is chock-full of vitamin A. Vitamin A is actually the main ingredient in retinol, a dermatologist-recommended ingredient to clear up skin quickly, so an egg yolk is the natural, at-home remedy that contains the same active ingredient and is much cheaper to get. Simply crack two eggs and separate out the yolks. Mix them with about four teaspoons of water and apply your homemade paste to your face. Leave on for about 10 minutes to set and dry skin, then rinse off and pat your skin dry.

For a Glow

Once the main trauma has passed and your pimple is on its way to clearing up, you might find that your face looks clear, but kind of dull. Celebrities always seem to have angelic, glowing skin that's moist and dewy without looking oily -- is this magic, or what? Less of a magical spell and more like a $1,000 treatment in a top dermo's offices. Celebrities have an advantage that most people don't, but eggs can achieve a similar effect. Mix egg whites with small papaya chunks and rub all over your face with a damp washcloth. Leave on for a few minutes to soak, then wash off and show off your glow.

For Acne Scars

Acne scars are another serious problem that's somewhat worse than a pimple because they may take months or even years to go away, as opposed to a three-day pimple. If you broke the rules and popped one of those suckers only to be left with a tell-tale scar, you can use eggs once again as your ultimate skin saver. The vitamin A in eggs will come into play yet again to help with your scars. Vitamin A helps to rejuvenate the skin and heal it, causing your scars to heal faster than if you didn't use it. Simply use the same rub you used above: a mix of egg yolks and water, rubbed on to your face and then rinsed off when dry.

From the Inside Out

As much as eggs can help you from the outside in, they can achieve even more from the inside out. A good diet will do more wonders for your skin than any over-the-counter or prescription treatment. Avoiding fatty and oily foods and indulging in lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins will naturally grant you the glowing, clear, blemish-free skin you crave. Specific foods such as eggs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries and fish oil are even better than other healthy foods at pre-empting blemishes before they can begin to form. Add eggs to your diet and you might not need them on your face.

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