The Effects of Almond Oil on Your Face

Almonds have a long history of folklore use for skin conditions.

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Chances are you're probably using almond oil now or have used it even if you didn't know it. It is a common ingredient in skin care products. It's often used as a carrier oil for essential oils so you can dilute them. Using almond oil is nothing new. The Greeks and the ancient Chinese used almonds. The fact is that almond oil can do some good things for your face. One thing to remember, though, is that it is off limits if you have a nut allergy.

Get Rid of the Redness

One of the effects of almond oil is that it can help remove redness and blotchiness on your face. The reason is because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can be caused by chemicals in the products you use on your face. If you scrub too hard or your skin gets irritated from wind burn, you'll notice the redness on your face. It might feel warm when you touch it. Almond oil might help soothe your skin.

Dry Skin Relief

If you have dry skin, almond oil might be just the thing to help moisturize your face. It can help trap moisture in your skin and prevent your dry skin from getting worse. It acts like a barrier between the environment and your skin. People with dry skin have to moisturize frequently in order to keep their skin from flaking or cracking. With almond oil, you'll find it's not irritating so it won't aggravate your skin. You can keep up with your skin-care routine with that boost in healing.

More Help with Essential Oils

One way you can use almond oil for your face is as a carrier oil for essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated forms of herbs, fruits and other ingredients that can help your skin. The problem is that they sometimes are too strong to put directly on your face. That's where almond oil comes in. You can add a few drops of an essential oil to about 4 ounces of almond oil for a homemade moisturizer. Lavender and rosemary are good choices to lower stress. With almond oil as the carrier, you can create your own spa treatment.

Improve Skin Tone

Your skin has to put up with a lot of stress from the environment. Wind and sun damage can hurt your face's appearance. Even staying inside can take a toll on your skin. Almond oil can help improve its look by improving skin tone. It does this through its emollient properties. It can soften and relax your skin. Your skin texture will get better because it will help seal in moisture. Healthy skin, after all, is the best makeup you can put on.

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