Eco-Friendly Make up Brushes

Using eco-friendly makeup brushes can reduce your footprint on the planet.

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If you love your planet, you can make a beneficial impact by altering your beauty routine. Go green by using eco-friendly beauty tools, including makeup brushes. You'll cut back on landfill waste and make Earth a cleaner, greener place. And using eco-friendly products on your face ensures you're being gentle on your skin, keeping potentially harsh chemicals away from your body. It is a temple, after all.


Makeup brushes that come with traditional plastic handles are fodder for landfills. Plastic is difficult to recycle and does not biodegrade, making it a particularly Earth-unfriendly option. Look for makeup brushes that have handles made from bamboo, a plant that is sustainable, meaning it grows super quickly to replenish itself. Or pick up a set of makeup brushes with handles made from recycled plastic or aluminum. There's nothing like making something new out of something old and reducing the impact your purchases have on the environment.


If you're concerned about animal cruelty, pick up makeup brushes made with synthetic bristles. By just saying "no" to real animal hair makeup brush bristles, you'll not only save a furry life, but you'll wind up with bristles that are less likely to trap gunk and bacteria in their tiny hairs. Look for brushes made from Taklon, a synthetic, antibacterial product used in making cruelty-free makeup and paint brushes.


Makeup brush sets are sometimes packaged in plastic bags, which add to the amount of waste they generate. Look for brushes that are sold without a lot of packaging, or ones that are wrapped in more environmentally conscious packages. Vegan celeb Alicia Silverstone partnered with ecoTools to make a line of Earth-friendly makeup brushes. These brushes are packaged in recycled plastic and hemp, another sustainable resource. The packaging on these beauty tools is even printed using nontoxic ink.


Keep your makeup brushes out of landfills by making them last. Treating makeup brushes as if they're disposable adds to your environmental impact. Wash your makeup brushes weekly using a gentle, nontoxic baby shampoo and warm water to help them stay clean. Air dry your clean, wet brushes by laying them flat on a paper towel to keep the bristles soft and prevent them from coming unglued from the handle. When treated with a little care, your makeup brushes should be able to last you for several Earth-loving years.

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