Ebony Hairstyles for Straightened Hair

Try out different updos and down-do's once you've got your ebony hair straightened.

Photo: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

It doesn't matter if you used a hair straightener to get your mane sleek and smooth, or if you got your hair permanently straightened. Once your ebony hair is straight, you have so many different styling options. The hard part is out of the way, and now all you have to worry about is whether you want to style your hair into an updo or leave it long and loose. Have fun playing around with your straightened hair and trying out lots of different styles.


If you're in a rush or you just want a simple style, leave your straightened hair down loose. Since your hair is already sleek and smooth, all you need to do is run some shine-enhancing serum -- find a silicone-based, not water-based version to fight frizz and keep your hair pouf-free -- over your strands. To put a little pizzazz to your look, add a pretty clip or headband to finish it off.


Part your hair far to one side and pull out a section of hair on the side opposite your part. Make it an inch or two wide, and either leave it loose, or braid down the section of hair a couple of inches. Or make a twist in the hair by winding it around a couple of times. Press the section of hair against the rest of your hair so it lies flat against your head, sitting horizontally above your ear. Slide a couple of bobby pins in over the hair to hold it in place.

Sectioned Ponytail

For a ponytail that's anything but plain, try a sectioned version. It shows off your ebony straightened hair and is a really interesting, intricate look. Make three ponytails in your hair going down the center of your head: one at the crown, one at the center back of your head, and one at the nape of your neck. Tie all three ponytails together with a small elastic just beneath the bottom ponytail. Use a 1-inch-wide strip of hair from underneath each ponytail to wrap around the elastic and cover it up for a more chic look. A single bobby pin holds the hair in place.

Side Chignon

A chignon is a knotted hairstyle -- also known as a bun -- which creates a really chic, sophisticated look. Part your hair far to one side to get a bit of lift and gather it together in a ponytail shape on the opposite side of your head. Position the ponytail lower down, below your ear. Twist the ponytail hair around and form it into a bun shape against your head. Don't make it perfect; you want an effortless look for this style, so let it be a bit messy and rough looking. Use bobby pins around the outside of the bun to keep it in place.

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