How To Dye the Underside of Your Hair Black at Home

Make your locks sizzle by dying the underside of your hair.

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Wanna look like a star? Beyoncé made it sexy and Christina Aguilera made it hot -- and you can keep the look sizzlin'! If your hair is light and you want to dye the underside black, go for it! Dying the underside of your hair adds definition to today's textured hairstyles and even if your 'do is silky smooth, two-toned locks add interest. Skip the salon chair because the style is doable right in your own home.


Brush-out your hair to remove tangles. Tangles are a big "no" during coloring so brush well.


Grab some duckbill clips and a rattail comb. A rattail comb looks like a regular comb except that it has a long pointy handle that kind of looks like, well -- a rat's tail!


Separate the hair that you want to dye black. This is where the rattail comb comes in handy. Slide the handle through your hair to make a horizontal part. Make the part as neatly as possible.


Clip the hair above the part on top of your head using the duck bill clips. Secure the hair tightly so it doesn't slip out. The hair below the part that is hanging freely is the hair you are going to make sizzle.


Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and mix up the black hair dye according to the instructions set by the manufacturer. Manufacturer's instructions can vary from brand to brand so it is a good idea to avoid the green haired monster and read these first!


Apply the black hair dye to the hair below the horizontal part. Massage the dye into your hair roots, working all the way down to your ends. Cover all of the hair with black dye. Missing spots or not applying the dye evenly can have disastrous results if you are not into the spotted look.


Rinse your hair until the water runs clear after the black dye processes for the manufacturers recommended amount of time. Shampoo, condition, dry and style. Lookin' like a star, girl!

Things You'll Need



3.Rattail comb

5.Shampoo and conditioner

2.Duckbill clips

4.Rubber gloves


Tips & Tricks


Duckbill clips are long metal clips that open and close -- yep, you guessed it -- like a ducks bill. You can find them in beauty supply stores. If a trip to the beauty supply store is out of the question, pile your hair in a ponytail on top of your head.

Don't skip the conditioner. Hair tends to be dry after coloring and conditioning will help it keep the starlet quality that you love.


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