How to Dye the Under Layer of Hair

Kaley Cuoco often only colors the underlayer of her layer, giving her a two-tone hair color.

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If you're going for a hair change but only want to add color to the under layer of your hair, don't worry because you can still do it yourself, without having to spend hundreds at your stylist's. If you've colored your hair before the process is basically the same, but you have to use the right technique to ensure you only get color where you want it and nowhere else.


Give your hair a good brushing and create a part across the back of your head, separating the top section you don't want colored and the bottom section you do, which you'll leave down loose.


Clip the top section up out of the way so you have full access to the bottom loose hair. Hold the bottom hair up and line around your bottom hairline with some lip balm. This prevents the dye from staining your neck when you color.


Prepare your hair color according to the instructions. Depending on the specific brand, color and type of hair dye you're using -- namely semi-permanent or permanent -- the instructions can vary, and you need to follow these directions to ensure you get the color you want.


Apply dye onto a section of the loose hair. Most at-home hair coloring kits come with an applicator tube you put the mixed dye into, so you just squirt a bit out from the tip of the bottle onto your hair, and blend it in with your hands so the hair gets totally saturated in the stuff.


Keep adding dye around your hair this way until the entire under layer of your hair is covered in dye. Since you're only coloring some of your hair and not all of it, you may not need to use all of the dye; as long as the hair is coated with dye and there aren't any bare spots, you're okay.


Let the dye soak in for the recommended amount of time and then rinse the color out of your hair using cool water so the dye doesn't bleed onto the rest of your hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Lip balm

3.Hair clip

2.Hair brush

4.Hair coloring kit


Tips & Tricks


If you want to get a highlighted look on the under layer of your hair, use foil strips instead of regular hair dye in an applicator bottle for a solid color.


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