How to Dye Synthetic Hair With Rit Dye

Katy Perry in an electric blue synthetic hair wig at the Kids Choice Awards.

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Whether you're an emerging pop star, putting together a Halloween outfit or seriously into cosplay, it's quite possible that colorful, synthetic hair will be part of your ensemble. From wigs to falls to playful extensions, hair pieces are a fantastic way to change up your look. But sometimes, you may find that you just can't find the right style in the right color. However, don't even think about shelling out big bucks for custom-dyed hair, because with a box of Rit dye, you can do it yourself for less than the price of the wig.


Fill up a disposable cup with the hottest water that comes out of the faucet. Pour in your package of Rit dye and let it dissolve completely.


Fill up a bucket with hot water and pour in the pre-dissolved dye. Stir water with a large spoon to make sure the dye is pretty well mixed in.


Rinse your hair piece under water to make it nice and damp, then carefully place it into the bucket of dye. Make sure you're wearing rubber gloves, though, because you don't want to end up with dye-stained digits.


Keeping the hair completely immersed in the dye bath, stir occasionally and leave in the bucket for at least an hour. It's a good idea to keep synthetic fibers in dye for as long as possible, even after the dye bath has cooled off, as this will help lock the color into the strands.


Put those gloves back on and remove your hair piece from the bucket and rinse it in cold water. Lay it on a big towel and gently press with another towel to remove moisture -- do not squeeze the hair as it can make it super frizzy, something you definitely don't want. Allow hair to air dry on the towel or pin it to a wig head if it's a full wig.


Style the hair as you normally would.

Things You'll Need


1.Box of Rit dye in your choice of color

3.Disposable cup

5.Long spoon

7.Wig head and T-pins (optional)

2.Large bucket

4.Rubber gloves

6.Two large towels


Tips & Tricks


Using Rit to dye synthetic hair works best if the hair is made of nylon, so read the hair piece package first before attempting to dye it.


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