How to Dye Synthetic Hair at Home

Use fabric dye on your wig instead of hair dye.

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Just as you might sometimes want a change of pace concerning the color of your natural hair, you may find yourself wanting to dye your synthetic wigs and hair pieces. Unlike protein-based natural hair, synthetic hair is made of plastic that don't respond to hair dyes. Instead, color synthetic hair using fabric dyes, as these are formulated to give a color coating to synthetic fiber.


Comb the wig to prepare it for dyeing. Gently work out any tangles and knots.


Mix the fabric dye in the resealable plastic bin according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Gently place the wig in the dye and push it beneath the surface of the liquid to submerge it. Follow the dye's package instructions for dying synthetic fabrics (such as polyester) to know how long to leave the wig in place.


Remove the wig and let the dye drip from it. Hang it from the wire hanger hung on the towel wrack. Position the plastic bin of dye beneath to catch the dye as it drips. Let it hang until it no longer drips and is only slightly damp to the touch.


Cover the dye container and set aside.


Blow dry the hair using the diffuser and the "cool" setting. Comb the hair as you dry it.


Dye the hair again for deeper color, if desired; the first dyeing will stay in place while the second will layer over it. 

Things You'll Need



3.Synthetic fabric dye

5.Towel rack

2.Large resealable plastic bin

4.Wire clothes hanger

6.Hair dryer


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