How to Dye the Roots of Hair

Retouch those roots yourself between salon visits.

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Changing your hair color is a quick and sassy way to glam up your style and instantly change your look dramatically. It's well worth the expense to visit a pricey salon colorist for whole head color or highlights, but what's a budget-minded babe to do for roots gone wild a month down the road? You don't look too fab with that dark stripe down the middle of your head, but yet, you don't want to shell out the Benjamins to retouch your fading glory. Here's how to take the root route yourself.


Throw on an old t-shirt. Make sure it's one you can spare, because you may drop hair dye on it.


Read the instructions that come with your home hair color kit. Make sure you understand how to put it on and for how long. Important! You can save yourself a hair disaster by scouring the sheet.


Brush your mane to make sure all tangles and knots are gone before you color.


Part your hair with a rat-tail comb. Slide the comb straight down your hair at your natural part or where you normally part your hair. Create a part from ear to ear, then front to back. Clip each section up and away with the plastic hair clips.


Mix your developer and hair color together, as indicated on your directions.


Apply the hair color with an applicator bottle or by using a brush and bowl method. Place your color on the growth at the roots on both sides of your part. Skip a 1/4-inch next to the part and slice through another section. Apply color to that part, then continue to repeat this process on the top and sides of your head, until your roots have been covered with the color.


Section the back of your head at the top and create horizontal parts, 1/4-inch apart. Apply the color to the roots only from the top of your head down to the nape of your neck.


Apply color to the fine hair at the front of your hair line. Wipe off any excess on your face.


When your roots are all covered, check your time and leave it on, as per your manufacturer's instructions.


Rinse your hair thoroughly and condition it with your favorite conditioner. By skipping the shampoo until the next day, your color will last longer.

Things You'll Need


1.Old t-shirt

3.Plastic hair clips

5.Hair color

7.Brush and bowl



4.Rat-tail comb

6.Plastic applicator bottle

8.Plastic gloves



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