How to Dye Medium Brown Hair Blonde

Transform your drab brown to blond perfection at home.

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Are you bored with your mousy-brown locks? Do you dream of swapping those bland strands for bold, brilliant blond locks? Well, stop dreaming girl and make that fantasy a reality. Hair dye has evolved over the years, and you no longer have to worry about frying your hair while making the leap to blond. Medium-brown shades are fairly simple to transform into rockin' blonds, so slap on your gloves, reach for the dye and live the blond life!


Pick your perfect blond. If you have dark, olive-toned skin, honey blond is the perfect complement to your natural pigment. If you've got pale, milky skin, you can push the envelope all the way to platinum without looking washed out.


Strand test before you take the plunge. Trim a small strand from the underside of your hair, and lift your brown locks a few shades with a pre-lightening solution. Pre-lighteners strip your medium-brown color and prepare the hair to go blond. Mix the lightener and dab it on the strand, observing the hair and noting exactly how long it takes to shift from brown to blond.


Comb your mop to eliminate tangles, and wrap an old towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes. Apply the pre-lightener to your hair, working the liquid down to the roots. Set the timer for the number of minutes it took to lighten the test strand, and let the lightener do its thing. Your hair will change from brown to ghastly orange to blond, so don't panic if you start to look like Bozo.


Rinse out the lightener, and dry your hair thoroughly. Dump the developer into the dye base in the blond dye kit, and turn the bottle back and forth to combine. Protect your mani with rubber gloves, and dye, dye, dye! Coat your lightened locks with blond dye, leaving the dye on to erase any remaining brown from your life as directed on the box.


Dampen your hair with a handful of warm water, and rub your fingers over the dye to produce a thick lather. Rinse hair until the lather is gone, and moisturize with the post-dye conditioner included in the box. Dry hair with a fresh towel, and dazzle your friends with your brand-spankin' new style.

Things You'll Need




5.Kitchen timer

7.Rubber gloves

2.Pre-lightening solution


6.Blond hair dye


Tips & Tricks


Minimize heat styling after dyeing. Color-treated hair is fragile and prone to permanent styling damage.

Don't apply blond dye to your hair without a pre-lightener. The deep pigment of brown hair will turn an unsightly, brassy copper if you don't lighten before dyeing.


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